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What Every Eye Patient Should Know About the LASIK Procedure

In case you have farsightedness or shortsightedness, it can be treated using an eye surgery process called LASIK procedure. It is a type of reflective surgery that helps in reshaping the cornea that enables entry of light to focus completely on the retina for good vision.

It is a pain-free surgery that takes about a quarter an hour for both eyes. Patients do not have to depend on glass or contact lenses for vision. When the surgery is complete, the patient can see the results of the process. An added advantage is that your vision will keep improving even after the procedure.

various candidates certify the requirements of being a LASIK candidate. In case you do not qualify to become a LASIK candidate, you can choose other eye correction surgeries suited for your case.

How Does the Procedure Work?
The procedure starts with the surgeon creates a thin flap into your cornea using a surgical tool. In order to get complete access to the cornea, the surgeon flips back the flap. It follows with the removal of some corneal tissues with the use of a laser.

The laser normally packs an ultra beam light that helps in the removal of microscopic tissues from the cornea. This reshapes the entry of light into your eye. Your improved visions come from the way the light enters the retina.

In case you suffer from nearsightedness, the surgeon aims at flattening the cornea. For farsighted people, the surgeon aims at steeping the cornea. After the laser has been used, the overlaying flap is put back in position to where the corneal tissue was initially removed.

Before LASIK Procudure

The surgeon must test the healthiness of your eyes before starting the procedure using an eye exam. The process involves the evaluation of the thickness and shape of the cornea, pupil size, and refractive errors

The doctor will also assess your available health history. There will be further questions with regards to your medications in determining your suitability as a LASIK candidate. Your suitability as a LASIK candidate will be assessed depending on your recent medication. It is advisable to stop wearing contact lenses for some time before the procedure.

At the Procedure

Your eyes are numbed to prevent any discomfort during the procedure. To ensure you feel relaxed during the procedure, you will be placed under certain medications. The process uses a laser to check your eyes with a speculum holding out your lids.

You are supposed to look into a tangent light reflected into your eyes. It creates some pressure in your eyes. The procedure is done separately for each eye and lasts a total of up to ten minutes.

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