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Which Meals Should You Eat For Your Pre- Run and Break Your PR?

Over the last couple of years, triathlon has become poplar and in fact in 2017 four million people had registered to participate and especially if you are getting ready to be in one, you will need to be fueled well for the race.

The type of food maters a lot when you are preparing for a run, this is because the type of food that you will eat before the run always has a great significant to your race endurance, endurance and your overall performance and that is why pre nutrition need to be taken seriously.

Most people have reported feeling sluggish, having digestive problems and having cramps when they either eat too much or too little just before the run which makes them to have performance issues since they are unable to run as it is required, therefore, start early to experiment on the foods that will work well with you and will help you finish the run.

As the general rule, it is good that your pre-run meal has carbohydrates and proteins, most people if they fail to eat something before the run will end up having stomach problems and will also have issues if they eat too much.

Eating sweet potatoes before a run has shown significant improvements in people who run since they are able to go for a long distance, sweet potatoes are carbohydrates and have potassium which is rich in electrolytes which prevents cramping, sweet potatoes can be done in different ways from boiling to roasting and even baking and some people will take them in smoothies.

Oat meal is mostly a pre run staple and it is good in carbohydrates and you can mix it with different toppings like berries, protein powder and butter for extra sweetness and so that it does not become boring.

Most people will require an energy boost before along run and especially of you are training in the morning or afternoon, coffee therefore passes as a good natural option for many people before they hit the road, look for great tasting coffee and you are good to go.

Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and by itself the banana cannot be a very good pre run snack but when it is paired together with oat meal as a topping it adds more flavor to the oats or made in the smoothie.

Knowing which meals works best for you as a pre run meal is important, you will however have to experiment with different meals and kinds of food until you find the one that will work well with you, once you find the meal you will never want to go back to eating the meals that make you fell sluggish.

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