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Amazing Benefits of Democracy

For a long period now, there has been a lot of change in the way of governance in a lot of countries. The dictatorship was the form of the rule used in most countries before they gained independence. After the gain of independence most countries abandoned the dictatorial rule and oppressive rule. Most countries started using democracy after the end of democracy. There has been a lot of benefits of using democracy to the citizens. The article below gives some of the benefits enjoyed from a democratic way of rule.

First, democracy protects the interests of the citizens. The chance given to the citizens to vote for their choice of leader has guaranteed the protection of their interests. This is very beneficial as all the things that you want to be done to you will be represented by the representative that you choose to represent you in the government. People are allowed to vote in a democratic country giving them a chance to take part in decision making. Democracy has also helped eradicate the monopoly of authority, due to the process of election in a democratic government, it has seen the circulation of the people in authority preventing one person being in power for a long period denying other that have better leadership skills to be in power. Democracy has helped stop the ancient way of the rule that the strongest on to rule.

Democracy has also improved the quality of leadership by improving the stability and responsibility of the leaders. In a democratic country, you are voted to fulfill your policies; if you don’t do so, you run the risk of being taken out of power. Because of this rotatory kind of leadership, it has helped keep leaders on the run to try and fulfill their policies to the citizens which have made them more responsible. Democracy has brought with it change. The different ideas brought by the different leaders that come to power can promote and bring change. Since the citizens are also allowed to speak their minds, they can bring different ideas of change.

Democracy has helped promote equality among the people in a country. Equality has been improved since everyone in the country are governed by the same law and have equal rights. It is beneficial since those in power don’t have excess power to oppress the other citizens. From the above article, you now know the benefits of democracy and can make a wise decision about protecting democracy.

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