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How to Recover From Codependency
It is difficult to have the knowledge that someone that you hold dear is having a hard time with extending love to themselves.
With love you need to establish the boundaries and show respect. However there are some who are not adept at doing so because they have fallen in love with an addict. Some of these people end up being co-dependents to the person that they love that they don’t have boundaries anymore from themselves. What happens when they become co-dependent is that they in turn become a martyr for this person because they forego meeting their needs for their loved one. This means that their relationship with the other person is one that can be deemed as a one-sided relationship. This kind of relationship is something that is seen as unhealthy of course and thus the codependent must choose to recover from being in a state of codependency. If you are suffering from codependency and you want to be better then you can see below for some advice on how you can become better on it.
Educate Yourself
You have to learn more about what it means to be a codependent and the things that can help one recover from such type of behavior. A very easy way that you can learn about it is to get information on it from online sources. You will be able to find there many websites that have rich information on codependency. Another way by which you can learn about it is to get information on it from a therapist that has a specialization on this. You can also easily find books that have this as their topic.
Know the Behaviors
When you start to be aware of a negative behavior then you can start to do something about it. You have to know the behaviors of a codependent person and watch out for it in yourself. If you find yourself starting to bend backwards again for the person you love then you need to stop yourself right there and then. That is why it is so important to be acquainted first with the codependency behaviors so you can do it.
Practice Self-Awareness
You have to practice being aware of what you are doing so that you know if you are about to engage in codependent behavior. Aside from that you need to be aware of the things or the people that serve as triggers to the codependent behavior in you.
4. Practice Detachment
In order not to be a codependent you have to learn the art of being detached from the person whom you love. You always need to see that your happiness is not completely dependent on this person.
5. Seek Out Support
You need to join a group that helps people on the codependent recovery journey.

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