Music Remix Software That Anyone Can Use?

Question by : Music Remix Software That Anyone Can Use?
Hey everyone. I am just starting to learn about DJing and getting into Djing some of my own tracks. What is the best music remix software for someone who is just learning how to produce. Some of my favorite dubstep artists are Skrillex and Total Recall, and that is the sound I am trying to make.

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How’s it going Didier. I have been producing dubstep for about eleven months now. I have played with a number of different programs – Magix, Fruit Loops etc – and I didn’t really like them very much… they all seemed like they were either too limited in what they could do or were too advanced for someone who didn’t have years of experience. A bunch of people may say that Fruity Loops is the best music remix software, but I don’t agree because there are other more functional yet easier options.

Around three months ago a friend of mine let me know about DubTurbo and I have been DJing with it ever since. I definitely think it’s the best music remix software for beginner/intermediate producers.

I could quickly hear an improvement with my mixes when I began using DubTurbo and my buddies could hear it too – the dubstep software was causing a big difference in my music (in a great way). I was getting compliments – people didn’t believe I had mixed the music. Anyways, I hope this helps you out a bit. Good luck making music!

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