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Google Optimize as a Social Proof Tool for the A/B Test

If you intend to use your website well and also give the best services your clients beginning from marketing and so on, make sure that you have used Google optimize as this is one of the key aspects. For a better engagement and also having a good experience with all your clients, this is one thing that you have to focus on. For Google optimize, it is always very elementary when it comes to usage and even cheaper as it is very free.?

Get the Google analytics account before you even think of using this Google optimize. As much as you may want to use the Google analytics account, you mustn’t change anything, let it be just the same as the Google optimize one. In case you are into the Google optimize to A/B test, or if you intend to use this as social proof, it will be best that you be very systematic and follow the right procedures. There is a whole list of such procedures which have been explained for you, make sure that you have understood them well and stick to that guideline as it will help you a lot as you venture into using the Google optimize to A/B test.

It is procedural that the A/B test will have to commence by creating a duplicate web that is also called a landing page. In this case, one of these duplicate pages should use social proof notifications.

The selection of the optimization experience will have to be completed. Unless you are a beginner, this selection will go through automatically, otherwise you will be forced to click on the buttons provided. Following will be to assign a name to the selected optimize experience and clicking next to progress with the A/B test of your page or widget.

The third thing that has to be done is to add a test variant. Since the duplicate pages will need to be tested against the original ones, ensure to add the URLs accurately.

Optimize will have to be connected with Google analytics but the accounts ought to have been registered with the same credentials. You will realize that installation of the Google tag manager is very useful through your widget or page A/B test.

Before you complete the process, you will find it necessary to declare an objective. To do this, you will have to identify the page where the Google analytics was included. There will be a flow once you have added the main objective as far as adding specific objectives is concerned.

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