The Beginner’s Guide to

How to Motivate Kids in Extra Curricular Activities.

Today, with video games and modern technology it is becoming hard to motivate kids to get outside and get involved in extracurricular activities, the moment the kids get out of school they are glued to their video games and IPad and research shows too much exposure to the screen is harmful at a young age.

The benefits of motivating your children to have extra curriculum activities is because they will upgrade their motivation in their skills and self-esteem, they will attain better grades and most of all they will not be at risk to be obese.

Of your child loves to engage in fantasy games, match that with their extra curriculum activities, like taking them to acting classes and create an outlet for his creativity or if they have a competitive side, enroll them in a soccer school.

The best thing as a parent to do is to do extra research and see which schools are offering the extracurricular activities that go in line with what your child loves and then you can enroll them there.

If you do your research well you will have a chance to come across schools that offer drama lessons and a whole wide range of activities that are interesting to your child and this will help them in the future.

Motivation is key in all aspects of life, once you have motivated your child to follow their dreams they will be able to connect with that what they love if it is acting they will start to become good at it and the best part is that you can do trial and error and evaluate them if that is what they really need to do.

Always ask your children what they have learn and why they are excited to learn the course and what they hope you become in the future, this enables the children to be active and also reinforces their skills.

Once your kid finds the extracurricular activity that they like it is crucial you keep them motivated and keep because some kids can have a hard time balancing school work and extra curriculum activities and ensure they are not doing more that they can handle.

At times your kid may feel disconnected with their activity after some time, it is okay to allow them to have a change of mind and let them look for something else that they well connect with, but if you feel they are doing well in that activity, do not let your child to be a quitter, motivate them and let them know that you see their progress even if it is slow.

Encourage your kids and be supportive in their choices as this is what will keep them motivated and encouraged.

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