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Why University Newspapers are Important.
The digital media is making the university newspaper to disappear quicker than expected. Students can easily receive important news about them and education from the internet. Activities such as the social media have also been reported to be taking all of the student’s time since most spend all their free time there. It is easy for someone to get any type of information from the internet quickly than you could on a newspaper. Consider the entertainment that one gets from the internet to some classroom work that one can obtain from the internet. When one is using the internet to obtain some information, it is easy and takes the shortest time ever than when using a newspaper.
University newspaper have also hesitated to keep up with the times. Most students today are interested in the digital publications but the university newspaper publishers have hesitated from doing so. Because of this, and students prefer using digital news instead of the university newspapers. There is less amount of money allocated to publishing the university newspaper, hence, they do not have the digital publication. Publishing a newspaper is likely to take a lot of your money whenever using the digital platform.
Below are some of the reasons why university newspaper should be published all the time.
A lot of people get their jobs from the newsroom. The editors, writers, news people, and the publishers are all part of the team that work hard to see that a newspaper has been published and distributed to students to read. However, if you compare this to the social media, you note that the people working hard to get the news reach to everyone in the world are few. Without the publishing of a university newspaper, then a lot of people get to lose their jobs.
It teaches ethics and values to the readers. Through the university newspaper you get the right attitude that you need in life. Having the right attitude in life includes owning mistakes you have committed and learning from then not to find yourself in a similar situation again. Students learn how to develop the right mindset and professionalism when it comes to dealing with accountability and pressure.
It can trigger an important discussion amongst professors and students. Since university newspaper mainly focuses on the things happening within the university, this is a nice chance for the students to have something they can discuss. With the best topics ever, it is a nice chance for the professors to have some discussions with their leaners in the university. Doing this is a nice thing to ensure that professors have another platform of discussing with their leaners apart from the normal classroom.

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