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Intro to Commercial Construction

Commercial construction describes all forms of construction projects whose end results are buildings or properties that are for commercial use as opposed to industrial or residential properties. Construction projects such as hospitals, recreation centers, sports arenas, shopping centers, and hotels all fall under commercial construction, reconstruction of historical buildings also fall under this category as well. One construction firm is not always responsible for every aspect of the construction of commercial properties from start to finish, there are usually other parties and contractors involved, though there are the bigger and established firms that can handle every aspect of the construction.

Commercial properties is not the same as residential properties for commercial properties are not suited to accommodate use as permanent residence use, that is why commercial properties have entirely different rules, regulations, and requirements. Anybody who wants to make a residential property out of a former residential property or people who want to build a new commercial property entirely are required to have a planning permission in order for them to conduct such a project. The planning permission must be obtained before any construction can begin, the owner will be forced to undo any and all physical work done if construction is performed without the permission.

There is a number of different commercial construction firms available. Some firms will only begin work once the planning permit is received , surveying has been done on the construction site. Construction firms will follow and construct with regards to the specifications and design of the pre-approved building plans commissioned by the investors who would want to build or develop a commercial property. Bigger and more established commercial construction firms are very much capable of handling all the construction processes alone and can take full charge of the construction from start to finish from planning and design.

The construction firm is responsible for following all commercial building regulations and building codes, if these regulations and codes are not followed fully, the company is held liable for any damage and failures caused by the former. The regulations and building codes vary from country to country due to varying environmental conditions and national standards.

As well as partially being liable for the safety and health of the building’s occupants after construction, commercial construction firms are also responsible for the safety and health of their very own workers. All construction sites are very dangerous, it is of utmost importance that construction workers and personel are wearing their protective equipment at all times and should follow strict safety guides and regulations. Personnel working in the construction sites should be informed with the importance of wearing safety gear and protective clothing whenever on site such as safety vests and hard hats.

Getting Down To Basics with Construction

Getting Down To Basics with Construction

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